Let’s Get Started!

Okay, so be honest — have you ever wished you could wave a magic wand and have a curriculum appear that would offer you the best of everything?

If so, you’ve just found it — literature and activities, family projects, notebooking, mapping, student worksheets, and best of all, family memories — all in one incredibly easy-to-use curriculum!

WinterPromise pulls together a variety of resources that allow you to tailor the program to meet the needs of your family members’ individual learning styles.  You can count on activities that are exciting for kids and realistic for parents!  We’re a great choice if you want a “open and go” curriculum that will also build a family culture all your own.

So, first — follow along with me in this section to discover the basics about WP!

Then, take a look at our themed package choices — whether you choose to visit animal habitats around the world, journey through the American story, dig into ancient history or voyage with sailors on tempestuous seas — we’ve got something that will be just right for this years adventure!

And — we’d really love it if you’d join the WinterPromise Family!

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