Dinosaur Days: 2nd – 6th

Study creation science, simple machines, dinosaurs, fossils, and more!

Rock Around the Earth: 3rd – 7th

Study rock types, earths layers, geology, and more!

Equine Science: 3rd – 7th

Horse anatomy, behavior, care, movement, and more!

Jiggle, Jostle, Jolt: 4th – 7th

The study of energy: magenitism, heat, electricity, and more!

Human Body and Forensics: 3rd – 7th

Body systems, forensice, solving your own crimes, and more!

Human Body and Forensics: JR – SR

Body systems, forensice, solving your own crimes, and more!

The World Around Me: K – 2nd

Introduce the scientific method and explore numerous scientific topics students will learn more about in later grades!

Hoot & Chirp, Buzz & Bite:  1st – 4th

The study of plants, birds, insects, and more!

Conservation Science: 7th – 9th

The study of waste, energy use, the study of conservation and more!

What Makes Our Sciences Uniquely WP?

  • High Interest Topics
    Our science always incorparate topics alongside the main science study to get your student excited
    about science. Your student will learn about inventions that have changed our daily life, observe birds,
    discover dinosaurs, learn about volcanoes and the eruption of Mount St. Helens, horses in history and
    the many breeds, solar energy, forensic study, and green science.
  • Open & Go Activities & Experiments
    All of our science programs schedule activities and experiments that either provide the materials to
    complete the activity or are things you have around the house.
    Highpoints of Our Science ~ WinterPromise Notebooks, Hands-On Learning & Interactive Books

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