Ancient Civilations: 1st – 9th

9-week study of early peoples!

Ancient Rome: 2nd – 8th

6-week study of Rome!

Gladiators Clash: 2nd – 8th

This resource can be used as a complement to the Ancient Rome study or can be done on its own!

Civil War: 2nd – 8th

10-week study of the Civil War where you’ll meet the key players, study strategies, and traverse through battlefields!

Our Solar System: 1st – 7th

9-week study if our solar system

Volcano Unit Study: 2nd – 6th

4-week unit study about volcanos! This study pairs great with our Rock Around the Earth Study!

Stalking Sea Monsters: 1st – 8th

Study a variety of different ancient sea creatures in this study in this engaging unit study!

Seven Days of Creation: 1st – 7th

6-week study using the biblical account of the seven days of creation to study the different key parts of our world!

Thanksgivng 1621: 1st – 7th

3-week study of the First Thanksgiving!

The First Christmas: 1st – 7th

3-week study of the background, events, and meaning of the birth of Christ!

Chess Boot Camp 1: 3rd – 7th

1-week introduction to the game of chess!

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