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How WinterPromise Works with Charter Schools!

WinterPromise Publishing serves many Charter organizations! We are vendors for some charter organizations and you can place an order directly through them or if you know that your charter organization honors purchases you have made and will reimburse you for those purchases you can order right through our website and we will send you an invoice including all the resources you purchased and their prices for you to send your organization!

Themed Programs!

I’m Ready to Learn: Pre K/K

Hands-on Open & Go Preschool Program: Phonics, Counting, Crafts, & More!

Credits: 1 full-year Preschool credit

Hideaways in History: 1st – 4th

Travel through world history with 3 new history-loving bug friends!

Credits: 1 full credit in History, Culture, Geography, & Art

Animals and Their Worlds: Pre K – 4th

Travel through 7 different habitats while learning the differences between species and their biomes!

Credits: 1 full credit in Science, Social Studies, Art,  & Geography

Children Around the World: 1st – 7th

Tour 30+ different countries and their residents and cultures!

Credits: 1 full credit in Culture, History,  & Geography

American Story 1: 1st – 7th

Explore the history of America from discovery all the way to the lives of slaves with our information saturated living texts!

Credits: 1 full credit in History, Culture, Geography, Art, & Science;

1/2 Credit in Science for grades 7th & up

American Story 2: 2nd – 8th

Explore American history from right where American Story 1 ends all the way to today with our information saturated living texts!

Credits: 1 full credit in History, Culture, Geography, & Art

Adventures in the Sea and Sky: 2nd – 9th

Travel through world history by boat and by air while discovering how air and water travel changed the lives of nations!

Credits: 1 full credit in Science, History, Culture, Geography, & Art

Language Arts Programs!

Letters to Little Words: Pre-K / K

Learn the sounds of the alphabet and other phonograms and letter formation!

Syllables to Sentences: K – 1st

Learn advanced phonics and start to work on reading recognition and decoding skills!

Paragraphs to Pages: K – 1st

Cover vowels and constonants as well as start reading full pages of larger and larger words!

Stories to Short Chapters: 1st – 2nd

Focus on your students reading comprehension and some of the hardest phonograms!

Readers to Real Books: 2nd – 3rd

Start increasing your readers speed and comprehension abilities and start learning about word forms!

LA Grade 3

Discover the foundations of grammar with Scout the dog!

LA Grade 4

Reinforce grammar concepts new and old and start learning cursive while solving mysteries with the detective Cliff Hanger!

LA Grade 5

Rendezvous with Scout the dog while he guides you through writing good paragraphs!

LA Grade 6

Start making good word choices as you travel through space aboard a starship! Gain proficency in spelling, grammar concepts, and sharpen your writing skills!

LA Grade 7

Learn to write the 5 types of research papers and develop your writing skills!

LA Grade 8

Learn to create strong plots and story lines in your own writing!

Science Programs!

The World Around Me: K – 2nd

Introduce the scientific method and explore numerous scientific topics students will learn more about in later grades!

Equine Science: 3rd – 7th

Horse anatomy, behavior, care, movement, and more!

Human Body and Forensics: JR – SR

Body systems, forensics, solving your own crimes, and more!

Chess Programs!

A Knight’s First Moves: 1st – 4th

Learn to play chess for younger beginners with interactive activities and fun in-game tips!

A Knight in the King’s Court: 5th – 12th

Challenge older learners who are new to the game of chess and learn all the rules and concepts of the game!

Other Resources!