Get energized this year with our Jiggle, Jostle, and Jolt Science program! Your student this year will be study a lot of different topics — Heat, Energy, Light, Electricity & Magnetism. Each week your student will work through several resources. These resource work perfectly with our “Jolt! Lab Book” to create a living, hands-on, and rich learning experience. You will learn about thermal energy, chemical energy, nuclear energy, lighting, voltage, sound waves, electromagnetic waves and SO much more! This is a truly fantastic program.

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Jiggle, Jostle & Jolt

What’s in the Jiggle, Jostle & Jolt Guide?

“Jiggle, Jostle & Jolt” is a great science program that demonstrates to middle grade students the various forms of energy.  Students will Spend a year exploring energy — heat, electricity, magnetism and light.  Easy-to-complete activities are scheduled, but in addition, your student will work through the Physics Solar Workshop.  This fantastic resource includes most of the supplies your student needs to investigate how solar energy affects our earth and can be harnessed as a power source.

which we were granted permission by the publisher to print.  These materials include student worksheets originals, answers for discussion questions presented in each lesson, quizzes and tests originals, and an answer key. The guide is incredibly easy to follow, and includes information on the supplies needed for each experiment or activity.

Students will also enjoy a lot of journaling on what they’re observing, just as Charlotte Mason advocated.  Each week they’ll write about the experiments they’re completing in a notebook they’ll call their “Lab Book.”  They will record their experiments here, their outcomes, and their findings.  They’ll need to take care in labeling each experiment as to the question they are trying to answer, or the facts they are trying to establish.

What will you study in the Jiggle, Jostle & Jolt Journal?

This WinterPromise exclusive resource is the student resource for the program.  The student will enjoy doing all of the interactive science experiments presented in this resource.  The Jolt! Lab Book will get  your students “in the lab” throughout the year observing and recording their findings in electricity and magnetism. This resource is consumable and one is required for each student.

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