American Story 1 Guide


You’ll love this easy-to-use guide, specially designed to make it quick to keep your family on track this year.  This guide lays out 36 weeks of instruction so it is a snap to follow and use.  Each week features a one-page grid — your “headquarters” for knowing what to do with each student, no matter what their age.  It also features a page of parent notes that offers teaching tips and includes additional ideas to enrich your family culture, online website links that let you visit places and events in time, and video suggestions that make your week’s experience even more vibrant.
Parents love how the guide is set up on a four-day schedule.  This allows families to participate one day in church activities, volunteerism or ministry, a cultural enrichment class, or even allow for family visits, sick days, or doctor visits!  It fits real family life!
In addition, this guide features front matter that helps you understand how each resource in the program supports learning goals, how to use them with your students, Charlotte Mason-style helps for grading, and much more.  It even includes a section on student learning styles, and how to leverage WinterPromise resources to reach individual student learning avenues.  A final bonus are 100 history timeline cards that reinforce key dates in early American history, plus games to use to learn and review them.
Another great resource within this guide is the recommended living books listed in this program.  In the front of this guide is a weekly list of optional living book you can add to your study.  We have a list for younger students(K-3rd) and one for older students(4th-7th).  It lists a living book each week that goes along with your weekly study.  These titles are not necessary to your study as the main reading text has enough but these titles are a great add for students who love to learn more!
This guide rounds up a wealth of resources and makes it easy for parents to provide a rich learning experience with a minimum of effort!  We’ve done the work for you, and it’s all right here!


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