American Story 1 Older Journal Part 2


Your student will love to delve into this colorful, interactive notebook.  At well over 200 full color pages, it features pages to fill in, cut out, or even flip and fold!  The resource is divided by week, and offers pages related to the history, culture, science, industry, trades, and geography of early America.
The notebook offers your student the chance to reinforce and show what they’ve learned in a vibrant journal.  The journal will become a keepsake they will treasure forever, as its color and interactivity invite them to get back inside it again and again!
Here are some highlights of this journal!
  • Biography Pages of Early American Presidents
  • Make a Coonskin Cap
  • Make “Flip & Fold” Inventor’s Story Blocks
  • Learn the uses for a Bandana
  • Map the Route of Wagon Trails West
  • Science Experiments
  • Evaluate Wild West Art


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