Build the American Culture

Only Ebook

Week 13 – Build a Western Street:

Includes individual pieces — walls, building tops and sign, boardwalks, porches, windows and doors, porches and more — to help build a fine western street.

Week 14 – Build a Tenement Diorama

Provides walls and furnishings to allow students to create a model of a big city tenement in the 1800’s.Week 16 – Build an Industrialist Monopoly Pieces of a gameboard help students create a fun version of the game Monopoly that utilizes facts and background from the time of industrialist monopolies.

Week 18 – American Inventors Game

A set of playing cards to help students discover more about inventors and their inventions.

Week 25 – Life in the Great Depression Game

An oversized game board similar to the gameLife, which allows students to discover the ups and downs of the Great Depression.


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