Dino Days Student Notebook


Kids will love this huge, full color, notebook and so will you!  The notebook begins by teaching through the Creation Days, then the features pages on the six simple machines.  Each topic features more content, notebooking pages, and hands-on activities or experiments.  The next sections work through different species of dinosaurs one by one.  Along the way, students will read about dinosaurs and fossils as they complete pages on dinosaur profiles, their habits and hunting styles, unusual characteristics, hunting for fossils, and paleontology.  Kids will just really enjoy this fantastic 200+ page notebook!

A Sampling of the Learning Experiences You’ll Love in This Notebook

  • See How Light Behaves!
  • How Sky Color is Related to Weather
  • Study Crater Impacts
  • Measure Time with Water Like the Ancients
  • Watching Friction Happen
  • Everyday Inclined Planes
  • You are the Paleontologist!  Identify Specimens Pulled from the Ground
  • Make a Fossil Tooth
  • Smaller and Taller Sauropods
  • Plated Dinosaurs
  • Stegosaurus Defense
  • Ankylosaurs, the Tank Dinosaurs
  • Head-Turning Hadrosaurs
  • Peculiar Pachycephalosaurs
  • Swanky Ceratopsians
  • Comparing Centrosurinae & Ceratopsinae
  • Deadly Deinonychosaurs
  • Savage Spinosauroids
  • Carnosaurs with Claws
  • Evaluating an Acrocanthosaurus Attack
  • Carnosaurs with a Craving
  • Stalking Tyrannosauroids
  • You Are the Paleontologist!  Investigating Tarbosaurus
  • A Bite from a Tyrannosauroid
  • You Are the Paleontologist!  Skull of a Tyrannosaurus Rex
  • Growing Up a Dinosaur
  • You Are the Paleontologist!  Investigating Dinosaur Nests
  • Living a Dinosaur Life
  • You Are the Paleontologist!  Interpreting Dinosaur Behavior
  • What Do We Find Fossilized?
  • The Right Conditions for Form Fossils
  • Making Model Fossils
  • Different Ecological Zones Before the Flood
  • Evolutionists & Flood Geologists:  Looking at Things Differently
  • The Grand Canyon Story
  • Invertebrate Wonders
  • The Archaeopteryx Question
  • Mammal Mishaps for Evolutionists
  • Tag a Dinosaur!
  • You Are the Paleontologist!  Type I and Type II Fossils
  • Time to Dig!
  • Field Report on Sue the T-Rex
  • You Are the Palentologist!  Time for Fossil Cleaning
  • Mounting a Dinosaur
  • Field Report on Stan’s Brain
  • Was Stan a Scavenger or a Predator?


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