Grammar Challenge Worksheets

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The “LA HS 1 Grammar Challenge Worksheets” helps students explore the exciting possibilities within the English language.  This resource offer students a fun way to study and master grammar and other language skills.  Each worksheet features a passage that includes examples various aspects of grammar, mechanics and usage.  The passage on each worksheet is taken from a year-long story that students will look forward to completing.  The student is encouraged to find the mistakes in the passage and correct them, then complete other grammar and writing challenges as well.  Students love the fun presentation and they’ll learn a lot about capitalization, punctuation, the parts of speech, grammar, vocabulary and writing skills.

What is unique about this resource is that the passages they are correcting are taken from a longer storyline.  Students will read about prairie families trying to survive in a blizzard.  This story is based on events that happened in 1888 in Minnesota, Nebraska, and the Dakotas.  As they will progress through their grammar exercises students will continue reading about this amazing survival story in a harsh blizzard!


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