Journeys of Imagination


The “Journeys of Imagination” Guide

The “Journeys of Imagination” guide coordinates a reading journey for your little one.  Stories are arranged around weekly themes;  these themes coordinate well with the themes presented in “I’m Ready to Learn.”  Therefore, “Journeys of Imagination is an excellent companion study to “I’m Ready to Learn,” providing the reading not included in the skills-based “I’m Ready to Learn” preschool program.

You’ll love the clear weekly schedules and helps in this guide. The guide features several questions for narration on each story to get kids talking about what they read and begin a lifelong habit of narration.  It also includes a bonus “Imagination Question,” that asks kids to go beyond the story and imagine their own unique answers.  Rather than being about the story, this question encourages kids to think beyond it.  They might have to imagine themselves in the story, imagine an alternate ending or setting, imagine what they’d do in that situation, what they’d say or enjoy, or even imagine different characters or another story to follow.  These questions really bring children “inside” the story and encourage their imaginations to soar!


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