LAHS2 Guide

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This 36-week guide schedules resources that takes students through the entire process of creating incredible fiction.  Students will write their own mystery story throughout the year, using exercises provided in the resource, “Write Great Fiction: Characters, Emotion & Viewpoint.” Assignments get students involved because they are challenging and often fun or interesting.  An example is to pick a person such as a bank robber, war hero or kidnapper and write down three different motivations someone might have for this action.  Another example would be to fill out a mini-biography for your most interesting relative, then change some answers, such as his attitude toward his job, his core personality, or even change the time period in which they lived and decide whether or not you’d like to write about this person.  These assignments engage the student because they start with something with which they are familiar, and help them to develop characters in a new and interesting way.

Students will also use marvelous, practical suggestions offered by professional mystery writers in the resource, “Writing Mysteries,” whose suggestions have practical applications for any type of fictional writing.  Students will fully explore how to formulate the essentials of plot and character development.  They’ll also continue their grammar practice, spelling, and vocabulary.


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