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The “Solving the Mysteries of Grammar” guide schedules enough material for a full school year.  This program pulls together several great resources.  This guide schedules: guided cursive handwriting workbook, creative writing, parts of speech worksheets, punctuation, sentence structure and types, spelling activities and practice, vocabulary workbooks, reading, language activities, and language skills.  The guide offers an abundance of weekly teaching notes, helps, and instructions on how-to-use the materials in this guide and so on.  The answer key for the LA 4 Student Worktext Set is included as part of this guide.

Students will solve grammar “mystery cases” as they continue to focus on grammar studies, and reinforce the grammar foundation laid down in LA 3.  The LA 4 program includes language arts resources designed to help your student gain proficiency in grammar, begin cursive writing instruction, increase their reading comprehension and speed, and continue vocabulary building. It also includes a guidebook that offers creative suggestions to coordinate with several themed programs.  Students continue to improve their reading skills, reading suggested books that range in length from 65 to 250 pages, but which have a consistent reading level achievable for this age.  Students are expected to read about a chapter a day.

Concepts LA 4″ Solving the Mysteries of Grammar” Covers:

Week 1: Sentence Basics

Week 2: Subjects & Predicates

Week 3: Nouns & Plural Nouns

Week 4: Abstract & Concrete Nouns

Week 5: Possessive & Collective Nouns

Week 6: Action Verbs & Being Verbs

Week 7: Helping Verbs

Week 8: Verb Tenses & Linking Verbs

Week 9: Noun & Verb Review

Week 10: Personal Pronouns

Week 11: Many Kinds of Pronouns

Week 12: Possessive Pronouns

Week 13: Adjectives

Week 14: Proper Adjectives

Week 15: Introducing Adverbs

Week 16: Spot More Adverbs

Week 17: Prepositions

Week 18: Conjunctions

Week 19: Articles

Week 20: Interjections

Week 21: Subject-Verb Agreement

Week 22: Declarative & Interrogative Sentences

Week 23: Imperative & Exclamatory Sentences

Week 24: Simple Sentence Patterns

Week 25: More Sentence Patterns

Week 26: Still More Sentence Patterns

Week 27: Review Sentence Patterns

Week 28: What is a Clause?

Week 29: Adjective & Adverb Clauses

Week 30: Noun Clauses

Week 31: Sentence Structure

Week 32: More Sentence Structure

Week 33: Understanding Verbals

Week 34: Appositives

Week 35: Negatives

Week 36: Review & Test


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