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The “Digging in Paragraphs” guide schedules enough material for a full school year.  This program pulls together several great resources.  This guide schedules: cursive handwriting practice, creative paragraph instruction and writing, parts of speech worksheets, punctuation, sentence structure and types, spelling activities and practice, vocabulary workbooks, reading, language activities, and language skills.  The guide offers weekly teaching notes, helps, and instructions on how-to-use the materials in this guide and so on.  The answer key for the LA 5 Student Worktext Set and Scout’s Guide to Good Paragraphs is included as part of this resource.

Master the basics of writing a good paragraph!  Scout has returned with all new adventures in Alaska that will guide students through the basics of writing a good paragraph.  The creative writing is focused on constructing paragraphs of various types, from instructive to descriptive and more.  Along the way, Scout will help students move forward with their grammar studies to more difficult concepts such as direct and indirect objects, clauses, verb phrases and more while reviewing basic usage and mechanics.  Students will also continue practicing their cursive writing skills and vocabulary building.

Concepts LA 5 “Digging Into Paragraphs” Covers:

Week 1: Sentence Basics, Subject and Verb, Periods, & Negatives

Week 2: Negatives, Subject and Verb, Abbreviations, & Sentence labeling

Week 3: Nouns, Proper Nouns, & Capitalization,

Week 4: Nouns, Plural Nouns, Capitalization, Key Words, & Topic Sentences

Week 5:  Collective Nouns, Being Verbs, Action Verbs, Helping Verbs, & Commas

Week 6: Being, Helping, and Linking Verbs; Verb Tenses, Semi-Colons and Colons, Taking Notes in an Outline, & Paragraph Outlining

Week 7: Paragraph Outline, Supporting Sentences, Being Verbs/Helping Verbs/Linking Verbs,

Week 8: Personal and Possessive Pronouns, Antecedents, Indefinite Pronouns, & Parallel Construction in an Outline

Week 9: Interrogative and Demonstrative Pronouns, Pronoun Review, & Apostrophes

Week 10: Pronouns, Parentheses, Intensive Pronouns, & Using Signal Words

Week 11: Adjectives, Abbreviations, & Using Signal Words

Week 12: Linking Verbs & Hyphens

Week 13: Adverbs, Enumerative Paragraph, & Hyphens

Week 14: Ellipsis, Enumerative Paragraphs, & Positive Comparative Superlative Adverbs/Adjectives

Week 15: Sequence Paragraphs, Prepositions, & Prepositional Phrase

Week 16: Interjection & Quotation Marks

Week 17: Definite Article, Indefinite Article, Quotation Marks and Other Punctuation, & Nouns,

Week 18: Coordinating Conjunctions, Correlative Conjunctions, Sentence Review, & Sequence Paragraph/Signal Words

Week 19: Cause Effect Paragraphs, Singular Plural Nouns and Verbs, & Prefixes,

Week 20: Cause Effect Paragraphs, Singular Plural Linking Verbs, & Suffixes

Week 21: Subject Verb Agreement, Run-On Sentence, Declarative and Interrogative Sentences, & Compare Contrast Paragraphs

Week 22: Contrast Paragraphs, Imperative Sentences, Sentence Review, & Sentence Fragments

Week 23: Sentence Patterns, Direct Object, Compare Contrast Paragraphs, & Diagram Sentences

Week 24: Sentence Patterns, Indirect Objects, Diagramming Sentences, Combining Sentences, & Descriptive Paragraphs

Week 25: Linking Verbs, Descriptive Paragraphs, Writing Numerals, & Sentence Patterns

Week 26: Predicate Nominative, Predicate Adjective, Linking Verbs, Descriptive Paragraph, & Nouns of Direct Address

Week 27: Sentence Patterns, Linking Verbs, Grammar Review, & Detailed Outline

Week 28: Negatives, Similes and Metaphors& Paragraph Practice

Week 29: Appositives, Personification, Participles, Gerunds, Infinitives, & Using Notes to Write a Paragraph

Week 30: Verbals, Parallel Construction, Participles, Gerunds, Infinitives, & Creating a Clincher

Week 31: Independent, Subordinate, and Dependent Clauses; Clauses, Paragraph Outline and Practice, & Misused Words

Week 32: Adjective, Adverb, & Noun Clauses; Compound, Complex, & Compound Complex Sentences; Review, & Misused Words

Week 33: Subordinate Clauses, Independent and Dependent Clauses, & Misused Words

Week 34: Sentence Structure, Descriptive Paragraphs, & Misused Words

Week 35: Simple and Compound Sentences, Complex Sentences, Misused Words Review, & Compound Complex Sentences

Week 36: Sentence Review, Noun Pronoun and Verb Review, Grammar Review, & Test


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