LA8 Guide


This guide is 36-week schedule that coordinates the variety of resources included in this program.  It schedules, writing instruction, literature, literature evaluation, spelling, vocabulary, grammar, and other language skills.  Teaching helps and other references are included in the front matter of this guide.  Shown below is a thorough look at how this guide covers and schedules the different concepts in this guide.  Look at the tabs below to take an in-depth look at the different aspects scheduled in this guide.

Grammar & Language Skills Component to LA 8 “Developing Your Storywriting”

This guide schedules the grammar resource “Basics for Communicating Effectively.”  This is a course on the various aspects of grammar, mechanics and usage.  Each lesson has an in-depth explanation of the concept, and an exercise to practice the skill.  Many of the lessons present a more in-depth look at concepts in grammar that have been practiced by the student in preceding years, and this give students an opportunity toward increasing mastery.

 Spelling & Vocabulary Component to LA 8 “Developing Your Storywriting”

This year’s spelling course is unique compared to our other LA.  This year students will be focusing on literary terms taken from their writing resource, “Write Great Fiction: Plot & Structure.”  Each week they will be reading from this title and be adding words that they must familiarize themselves with their spellings and meanings within the context of writing.   These words are often used in literature, and others on speaking and written expression.  All will need to be defined during the week they are studied, so that they will understand a wide variety of academic terms and familiarize themselves with a wider grasp of language as a whole.  Another key for vocabulary is the student book “Wordly Wise 3000 – Book 8.”


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