Make-Your-Own Captains Log


This Customizable Notebooking Resource

Our Captain’s Log features over 300 interactive pages with information on world history aboard ships and space machines; plus science, geography, and navigation pages; interactive pages on sailing and space culture; full-color pictures of ships; and the technology of each time period in history.  This huge notebook adds a lot of content to the Sea and Sky program.  The Log shares information on an array of topics not discussed in other resources, and provides an opportunity for students to show what they are learning from other resources and reinforce daily learning.

The print version is now in full color which matches our ebook version. Both are now entirely in color and the ebook version gives you an option in how you would like to print it.  The ebook version allows you to print multiple copies for your family, and print only those pages you select for your youngest learners.

Pages That Provide Learning Experiences You’ll Love in This Notebook:

  • Sailing Culture:   Life at sea, sailor lingo, ports & more
  • History of Transportation:   Ancient trading vessels, medieval cogs, Renaissance advancements that opened the world, aviation firsts, and space travel
  • Key Battles in History:   Conflicts at sea and in the air
  • Ships:   Technology & design, function and their place in history
  • Geography:   Mapping of trade and more, plus navigation
  • Technology of the Times:   Advancements that changed history
  • Science of the Sea:   Life in the depths, near shores, reefs and waves
  • High Interest Topics:  Pirates, whaling, the Titanic, dogfighting, astronauts
  • Airplanes:   Flight forces, leaving the ground, how travel and military planes impacted history
  • Out in Space:   Planet profiles, latest space missions, deep space, stargazing
  • Space Culture:   Eating and living in space, space suits, space station duties, weightlessness and space walks