Mastering Basic Checkmate


The first book in the WinterPromise “Mastering Your Army” series will take your student from the basic rules of checkmate to helping your student master the several checkmate patterns.  You will learn how to checkmate with different combinations of pieces and in different situations. This will enable the student to improve dramatically.  This resource will cover checkmate with a Rook, Knight, Bishop, Queen and how they work together.

Because checkmate is how chess is won we believe that the player that has a better understanding of checkmate will have a better chance to win. This resource sets that foundation. This resource is filled with fun activities and facts about chess. It is 171 pages of chess fun!

This resource contains practice puzzles that will allow your student to master each concept.  This serves as a spine resource in a program designed to take older beginning students deeper into the mastery of chess in their first year.


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