Paragraphs to Pages Guide


The “Paragraph to Pages” guide is an eighteen week program.  This guide is for students ready to read short paragraphs.  For students that have used our “Syllables to Sentences” program the “Paragraphs to Pages” guide continues to prepare students for short chapter books in the following year.

This guide pulls together several great resources.  What is so great is that the program is simple to use.  The student will be working out of two workbooks, flashcards, and an activity pack.  This guide schedules: reading, reading comprehension, handwriting, spelling, phonics, sight word practice, spelling activities and games, phonics activities and games, and simple vocabulary.  Teaching notes and instructions on how-to-use are included in this guide along with answer keys for the workbooks included in this package.  Alternate game ideas using the “Hands-On” Phonics Pack are also added to this guide along with game boards for more fun.  Using the hands-on games and flashcards along with the highly interactive write-in readers your student will quickly progress in their ability to read and comprehend what they are reading through this fun program.

Concepts “Paragraphs to Pages” Covers:

Week 1:  Letter “A” & “I”

Week 2:  Letter “E” & “EE”

Week 3:  Letter “O” & “U”

Week 4: Word Ending “ED”

Week 5:  Phonograms “QU” & “DGE”

Week 6:  Phonograms “AR” & “OR”

Week 7:  Phonograms “ER” “IR,” & “UR”

Week 8: Phonograms “EAR” & “WOR”

Week 9:  Word Family “IGH”

Week 10:  Word Ending “ALL,” “ALK,” & “OLD”

Week 11:  Phonogram “OO”

Week 12:  Phonograms “EA,” “EY,” & “IE”

Week 13: Phonograms “OI” & “OY”

Week 14:  Phonograms “OU” & “OW”

Week 15:  Phonograms “AU” & “AW”

Week 16:  Phonograms “EW,” “UI,” & “UE”

Week 17:  Phonograms that Make the “s” and “j” Sound

Week 18: Silent Letters


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