Pine Nut Park Workbook B


As students read from their Romp in Pine Nut Park Readers, they will encounter the same weekly phonogram or blend focus in their phonics workbooks.  These workbooks will focus on using words from their readers which will help student to decode and identify these words better.  Along with there phonics pages they will also study word families.  Learning about word families and the commonalities between words with similar letters is essential at this time of developing decoding skills in reading.  Working on word families also increases their memorized vocabulary which means they can then read more words by simply seeing them. Each week students will average 4-6 worksheets to complete a week, some weeks may have more.  This program includes additional review and learning opportunities in the back of the Syllables to Sentences Guide which can be done in addition to the worksheets to increase the amount of work for more advanced students.


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