LA5 Paragraphs Guide


Students will learn writing skills like planning, word choice, organization, paragraphs, and short essays. Students will learn to build and write several types of paragraphs, use topic sentences, and add detail.

Concepts Scout’s Guide to Good Paragraphs Covers:

Week 1: Constructing a Paragraph

Week 2: Examining Paragraphs

Week 3: Examining Paragraphs

Week 4: Examining Paragraphs

Week 5: None

Week 6: Taking Notes in an Outline & Paragraph Outlining

Week 7: Paragraph Outline & Supporting Sentences

Week 8: Parallel Construction in an Outline

Week 9: Practice Outlining a Paragraph

Week 10: Using Signal Words

Week 11: Using Signal Words

Week 12: Outline a Paragraph

Week 13: Enumerative Paragraph

Week 14: Enumerative Paragraphs

Week 15: Sequence Paragraphs

Week 16: Sequence Paragraphs

Week 17: Cause and Effect Paragraphs

Week 18: Sequence Paragraph & Signal Words

Week 19: Cause Effect Paragraphs

Week 20: Cause Effect Paragraphs

Week 21: Compare Contrast Paragraphs

Week 22: Contrast Paragraphs

Week 23: Compare Contrast Paragraphs

Week 24: Descriptive Paragraphs

Week 25: Descriptive Paragraphs & Writing Numerals

Week 26: Descriptive Paragraph

Week 27: Detailed Outline

Week 28: Paragraph Practice

Week 29: Using Notes to Write a Paragraph

Week 30: Parallel Construction & Creating a Clincher

Week 31: Paragraph Outline & Outline Practice

Week 32: Putting Your Skills Together & Write a Paragraph


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