Thanksgiving 1621 Digital Study

Ages: 1st – 7th
Pages: 84 (3-week study!)

Download this completely digital study and spend the three weeks before Thanksgiving learning about the people, issues and events surrounding the First Thanksgiving. This study will give you guide pages that will schedule everything you need as well as teacher notes and other helps along the way. You will also have all of the interactive journaling pages for the study to print out and use for  your students. Along with these great journaling pages you will have the reading pages and other resources included as well as recommended resources you can add to it!

What Will You Learn?

You will learn so much in this study but here are some of the major things you will learn about! You will discover who the Pilgrims were. Why did they and others cross the Atlantic to the New World? You will learn about the challenges and dangers they faced on the Mayflower. You will find out how long their voyage was and what happened when they arrived in the New World. You will learn about how they built their homes. You will also learn about the interactions between the Native American’s and the Pilgrims. You will learn about how the Native Americans helped the Pilgrims. You will learn all this and so much more!

What are some of the Activities?

Here is a highlight of some of the activities you will do over the course of three weeks!

  • “Go Aboard” the Mayflower
  • Play a “Mayflower Crossing” Game
  • Write a Letter Home Regarding the Voyage and Winter in the Harbor
  • “Visit” the Plimoth Colony
  • Settle the Home of a Pilgrim
  • Compare the Lives of the Pilgrims & the Wampanoag
  • “Be There” at the First Thanksgiving
  • Learn Wampanoag Words
  • Go Inside a Wampanoag Homesite

This study is rich with interaction and so much great information. Make the whole month of November a time to learn and celebrate the First Thanksgiving!


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