Timelines in History

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Our “Timelines in History” acts as a spine for the rest of the notebooking resources and is the basis for most of our timeline building.  Our timeline is unique because it is looseleaf.  It is copied on heavy duty cardstock and should last a student all throughout their school years.

Our timeline differs from other similar resources in two keyways that help you with introducing “notebooking” into your studies.  First, each page doesn’t just contain endless rows of meaningless numbers; instead, on each page are beautiful illustrated banners and 2-3 descriptors of major movements, civilizations or events in history. From the “Middle Kingdom of Egypt” or “The Age of Exploration” to “The Industrial Revolution,” these descriptors aid your student in true understanding of how history flows and relates to real events.

The second distinctive feature is its looseleaf nature; each page is three-hole punched and has a blank back, giving blank pages between printed ones.  Students can file pages in between these spreads.  The timeline is designed so our notebooking pages, which are a part of our themed programs, can be added to it by date as they complete program after program.  The timeline pages allows for adding timeline figures, add maps, drawings, essays, or any of their work. Students can also add other work, reports, artwork, projects, research, photos from field trips, anything!

Students will literally create their own history book, one that is as much a journal of their school life as it is a timeline!  Each student usually enjoys having his own, as it is a personal journal in which they can record any information they’d like.  This makes this wonderful resource a beautiful keepsake as well as a record of all of their learning.  It will become both a reference book and a scrapbook of homeschool memories they’ll never want to leave behind!


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