Your One-of-a-Kind Human Body


Our new Your One-of-a-Kind Human Body is in brilliant full-color and is 142 pages long!  They’ll discover the inner workings of their own body and try some activities and experiments to learn even more about their one-of-a-kind human body.  See inside the cell and how it works and even build a cell replica. Learn the names of the bones in your body and then build a model of a spine.  As you learn about your muscles, bones and skin you will complete lab reports and observe your experiments. Learn about your senses,  your brain and even your immune system. This resource is full of enriching activities, engaging journaling passages, and fun hands-on lab experiments!

The worktext also includes “Give It Some Thought” segments that highlight how the design of the human body demonstrates God’s work or creative design, and “The Forensic Connection” segments that link ideas from the reading to how forensic scientists utilize what they know about the body to link a single unique person — either a victim or perpetrator — to a crime scene.

Topics in This Resource

  • Your One-of-a-Kind Human Body:  What You’re Made Of!
  • The Inner Workings of a Cell
  • Cell Division
  • The Respiratory System
  • The Circulatory System
  • The Cardiovascular System
  • The Digestive System
  • The Nervous System
  • Your Incredible Brain
  • Your Sense of Taste
  • Your Sense of Hearing
  • Your Sense of Sight
  • Your Sense of Touch
  • Your Sense of Smell
  • The Endocrine System
  • Your Skin
  • Your Hair
  • The Immune & Lymphatic Systems
  • The Muscular System
  • The Skeletal System
  • The Reproductive System


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