This program is designed to challenge older students who are new to the game of chess. Through a variety of resources your student will learn all of the concepts taught in our “A Knight’s First Moves” program as well as much more. This program will use the spine “Mastering Basic Checkmate” resource to help the student master using different combinations of pieces to end the game.

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A Knight in the King’s Court

What’s in the Knight in the King's Court Guide?

This guide will equip parents to help their older beginner students go on an exciting adventure in the world of chess.  This program is designed to be done very independently so the notes are geared for the student learning and studying.  Great website resources offer the opportunity to gain more experience and knowledge in safe online chess websites.

This program guide works well with our younger chess beginner’s program, A Knight’s First Moves, but is intended to go beyond and in more detail than what the younger program does.  This will give your student plenty to learn and master before they move on to our second year program.

What are the A Knight's First Moves Resources:

Mastering Basic Checkmate:

The first book in the WinterPromise “Mastering Your Army” series will take your student from the basic rules of checkmate to helping your student master the several checkmate patterns.  You will learn how to checkmate with different combinations of pieces and in different situations. This will enable the student to improve dramatically.  This resource will cover checkmate with a Rook, Knight, Bishop, Queen and how they work together.

Because checkmate is how chess is won we believe that the player that has a better understanding of checkmate will have a better chance to win. This resource sets that foundation. This resource is filled with fun activities and facts about chess. It is 171 pages of chess fun!

This resource contains practice puzzles that will allow your student to master each concept.  This serves as a spine resource in a program designed to take older beginning students deeper into the mastery of chess in their first year.

Checkmate Ideas for Students:

An instructional workbook designed for beginning students. One of the strengths of Checkmate! is that it covers the mechanics of the checkmating process in great detail, not only with explanations, but also with diagrams with arrows and circles to pinpoint the key features. Unlike many other basic checkmate books, Checkmate! categorizes the checkmate by the tactical motif used to force the mate (like attraction, double check, or removal of the guard) rather than the pattern of the checkmate itself. This approach provides a fresh view on the concept, and thus would work well in conjunction with another checkmate book, should the student desire more examples or wish to use Checkmate! as a second workbook.

  • Reading level is appropriate for grade-school use.
  • Easy-to-use, easy-to-correct worksheet format.
  • Covers seven checkmating tactics.

This books works to compliment the ideas taught in Mastering Basic Checkmate.

Chess Rules for Students:

This resource will take your students through the basic rules of chess. This resource will be vital in developing an understanding of the rules of chess. It is simple and clear in its approach and will make learning the rules of chess easy.

If you have multiple students you will need to purchase one copy of these for each student.

The Chess Tactics Workbook:

Tactics are a foundational part of chess. This workbook takes your student from the fundamentals of checkmate, basic tactics and even looking for the best move. Woolum takes students in a step-by-step approach through these topics which makes it easy to track a student’s progress.

Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess:

This book is a chess classic. It is well-respected by chess enthusiasts and was written by an expert in the field of learning and education. Go through puzzles that teach the basics of checkmate, the rules and basics of strategy.

The Seirawan Factor:

A story that continues where “Charlies & the Chess Set” left off in our Knight’s First Moves Program and in this enjoyable story Charlie goes on an adventure learning about the history of chess and even different forms of chess. Another enjoyable story to read alongside of your own chess adventure!

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