Syllables to Sentences. An 18- or 36-week Program for K or Advanced K Students.

Introducing Syllables to Sentences!
Syllables to Sentences is a language arts program designed for students who are ready to read sentences. This program is an 18-week program (half a school year). We created this to be an 18-week program as we found that so many students are at different places in learning to read. Some need more time after learning the letter sounds and decoding three to four letter words (which they do in Letters to Little Words) before they are ready to read sentences.

This 18- week program is made to go at the student’s pace. It can be sped up, slowed down to be completed in a year, or completed in 18 weeks depending on the student. The follow-up program to this is Paragraphs to Pages which is also an 18-week program.

This program continues to use the two activity resources from Letters to Little Words, the Hands-On Phonics Pack and Phonics Cards & Character Cards. If you’ve already purchased these then you won’t need to repurchase them for this program.

To learn about each individual item or to see a sample scroll down and click on each item and then click “Resource Sample.”

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