An Unfurling Sail


An incredible experience awaits you as your family follows development of transportation by sea, and how that helped history unfold. Trace how ship development and refinement help civilizations rise, fall, or grow wealthy and powerful. Students will be fascinated to find out how many major turning points in history were determined by the technology available at sea.  As one chapter leads to another, you’ll follow the development of ships and naval technology, but really the story is about how these developments take world history from point to point.  It’s a whole new view of world history! This resource is now printed in stunning full color!

Chapters in “An Unfurling Sail”

  • Chapter 1 –   A Ship, Inside and Out
  • Chapter 2 –   Ancient Sailors:  Egyptians & Phoenicians
  • Chapter 3 –   The Greeks:  Engineering Biremes & Triremes
  • Chapter 4 –   The Romans:  An Organized Land Army at Sea
  • Chapter 5 –   The Vikings:  Builders of Multi-Tasking Longships
  • Chapter 6 –   The Middle Ages: The Cog, the Rise of Italy, and the Plague
  • Chapter 7 –   A Sailing Renaissance:  A Revolution at Sea
  • Chapter 8 –   The Age of Exploration:  Spain and Portugal in the New World
  • Chapter 9 –   Ships Help Build New Empires:  Gunpowder, Galleons & the English Go to Sea
  • Chapter 10 –   Empires Struggle for Dominance:  Squabbling for Trade Rights Around the Globe
  • Chapter 11 –   New Technologies Change Navies:  New Cannons, Tactics & Other Advances
  • Chapter 12 –   Pirates & Others Roam the Seas:  Pacific Exploration & Atlantic Piracy
  • Chapter 13 –   America Enters the Seas:  Whalers, Revolution, and Clipper Ships
  • Chapter 14 –   The British Empire:  Captain Cook, Napoleon & Horatio Nelson
  • Chapter 15 –   Steam Power & Ironclads:  Steam Engines Change Inland Travel
  • Chapter 16 –   Luxury Liners & Disasters:  Luxurious Steamships Roam the Atlantic
  • Chapter 17 –   Global Power & the Great War:  Two Canals Begin an Arms Race Toward War
  • Chapter 18 –   A Second Terrible War to Today:  World War II Makes the U.S. a Superpower