Conservation Science Notebook

Ebook Only

An array of topics will engage students in how they can be good stewards of our world.  Not only will students learn from included passages about a variety of topics, but they’ll also find answers for themselves, learning how to conserve in regard to heating, cooling and energy efficiency, solar power and water use, organic foods, recycling and more.  Many active learning opportunities are included, as are notebooking pages that require them to show what they’ve learned or think through thoughtful answers and alternatives that aid in conservation.  70 pages.

Interactive Learning Opportunities in This Worktext

  • Environmental Challenges
  • What About Waste?
  • Find Those Disposables
  • Think Twice About Using Once
  • Try Some Recycling Strategies
  • Putting Warm and Cool Weather Solutions to Work
  • The Real Cost of a Hamburger
  • The Hidden Price Tag in Fresh Water
  • Four Bad Ideas in Bottled Water
  • Investigating Solar Power Uses
  • Measure Heat in Your Home
  • Evaluate Your Home’s “Passive Heat”
  • Yearly Energy Savings Worksheet
  • Evaluate Your Family’s Appliances
  • Think Through Organic Food
  • Organic Taste Tests
  • Quash “Energy Vampires”
  • Watts With That Bulb?
  • Make Your Own Natural Cleaning Products


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