Conservation Science Guide

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Slimy, Grimy, & Scummy No More” takes a look at the science of conservation.  Students will din their home are living off of energy homeowners pay for, how much a hamburger really costs, and so much more!

Along the way, they’ll also complete practical activities that help them understand their daily choices, and how to rethink what they can do to be a responsible steward of the earth.  They learn how to use sustainable resources, and make decisions to reduce, reuse, recycle, and rethink to make good choices about God’s world.

The resources this guide coordinates allow students to start the year looking at the slimy, grimy, and scummy truth of pollution.   Land pollution, trash, landfills, hazardous waste, and water pollution — they’re all here.  Students will learn to think through what they do each day to contribute to the problems.  Then they’ll move on to the air, atmosphere, and wind power.  Next they’ll find out about thermal energy and capturing solar energy, even trying cooking in a solar oven!  They’ll also learn about ways to heat and cool their homes naturally or in ways that save money and energy.  In the last weeks of the year, they’ll discover where their food comes from, and the energy it takes to bring foods to market, as well as ways to save energy and use fewer chemicals.


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