Human Body & Forensics Jr-Sr Guide


“Human Body and Forensics” is an intriguing science program designed to show your junior high and high school students just how amazing their bodies are, and discover the intricate mysteries of forensics!

The resources this guide coordinates allow students to spend a year discovering the various systems inside your body! Go “inside” these systems to discover how you breathe, eat, think, move and feel in depth.   Then, get to know everything you want to know about the exciting field of forensics.  Hear about crimes and the kinds of evidence forensic scientists track down, then try exciting lab work such as digging for clothing clues, analyzing evidence, measuring out a “crime scene,” and working through case studies. Fantastic resources allow students to learn by observation and simple experiments.   Fantastic resources allow students to learn by observation and simple experiments.

This program includes significant forensics material and crime scene information.  In this way, it differs from our “Human Body and Forensics for 4th to 6th Grade,” which contains just a flavor of forensics material.  It is worth noting that much of the forensics study completed this year focuses on the collection of evidence found at a crime scene, which may or may not be the scene of violence.  Forensic science is used when collecting evidence at robberies or arson crime scenes, for instance.  However, it is assumed that much of the practice of forensic science does involve a dead body, whether that person died violently or from natural causes.   The resources that cover these topics have been chosen based upon their thoughtful approach, educational value, and the intriguing way in which they present the forensic information


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