Travel through more than 30 different countries in this program! In each country your learner will learn about the culture, history, and the people that live there. You’ll also spend time studying what it is like to be a child in others countries in our Working Children resource. You’ll read and see the hardships of child labor and the needs of others. Discover traditions and celebrations as well as plan out your own celebrations while traveling the globe this year!

NOTE: Celebrate Christmas Around the World is scheduled and recommended for families to use but not required! This resource is no longer sold on our website and will need to be purchased elsewhere. You can find the exact copy using the ISBN – 978-1557344854. 

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Children Around the World

Children Around the World Resources

This program is designed for students from 2nd to 6th Grade.  The materials are easily understandable to young students, yet offer challenge for students working at a higher level.  The Children program includes so many interactive resources that provide students with many different ways to experience cultures in faraway places!

  • GUIDE:  Children Around the World Guide
  • HISTORY:  Children of Many Lands Culture, Geography & History Book
  • CULTURE Working Children
  • JOURNALING:  “Make-Your-Own” World Travels Diary
  • JOURNALING:  Prayer & Personal Involvement Journal (WP Exclusive)
  • ACTIVITIES:  Cultural Gathering Planning Guide for Family Activities
  • ACTIVITIES:  Fun & Traditions from Many Lands Activity Book
  • GEOGRAPHY: Travel with me Map and Figures
  • GEOGRAPHY: Travel with me Student Map Set
  • CULTURE: Voice of the Martyrs Ebook Set
  • CULTURE: Cultural Tablet Resources
  • ART: Ebook Arts & Crafts Resources

What’s in the Children Around the World Guide?

Your Children Around the World guide will come alongside you to help you keep your school days organized.  It is designed to be easy to follow, with each week’s assignments laid out on just one page!  The introduction to the guide offers you oodles of teaching helps that may feel like Charlotte Mason just “friended” you — like advice she’d give you on how to grade student work!  It’s all here!

  • A 36-week, 4-day schedule is laid out clearly in a grid-style on just one page
  • Introductory material helps you mentor and “learn together” with your student
  • Supply lists and other helps make planning quick and painless
  • Narration ideas in the front of the guide help you prompt your student through the year
  • Weekly schedule page reduces your paperwork and is easy to follow, with clear notes
  • Resources offer a focus on activities that are “Open & Go!”
  • Ratings systems for activities help you find the ones you want!
  • Independent study schedules for older students eliminate writing out homework lists
  • 100 Timeline Cards and games provide fun drill to retain key events
  • Website and DVD suggestions take your family back to early American times
  • Above all, WP offers a practical, “Can-Do-and-Want-To-Do!” approach
  • Additional library Suggestions
  • Multiple age level Adventure Reading scheduled

What is in the Children Around the World Living Text?

Children of Many Lands features full-page watercolor pictures that are culturally rich, giving you and your student opportunities to see inside a culture.  The pictures include a lot of detail, allowing kids to observe what is unique about cities, homes, architecture, or landscapes around the world.  Each picture is designed to show a snapshot of that country’s culture, and awaits your family delving in to discuss what you see.

Countries Covered in Children of Many Lands

  • British Isles
  • Ireland
  • Switzerland
  • France
  • Germany
  • Poland
  • Russia
  • Romania
  • Spain
  • Portugal
  • Italy
  • Greece
  • United States
  • Canada
  • Mexico
  • Brazil
  • Peru
  • Libya
  • Kenya
  • Cameroon
  • Zimbabwe
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Iraq
  • India
  • Japan
  • China
  • Thailand
  • Pacific Islands
  • Australia

Note:  Neither Egypt nor Israel is not covered because these are so extensively studied both culturally and geographically in our Quest for the Ancient World program.

What is in the Children Around the World Journals?

Your student will love to delve into these colorful, interactive journals.

Prayer and Personal Journal:

This resource includes information as to what kinds of challenges children around the world face, and makes kids aware of what they do to make their way in the world.  In between are sprinkled stories of actual children around the world who’ve overcome difficult circumstances or who are trying to build a life for themselves.  This journal also includes interactive pages for kids to journal about what they are learning, and active service ideas, including prayer charts.  The resource is designed to move your children, and change their hearts.

This book should be challenging to your family, helping you to discover just how much you take for granted, and how much you have to be thankful for.  It should affect your children in deep and wonderful ways, allowing them to look into the needs of others and develop a heart of service for those in need.

Make-Your-Own Travels Diary:

Interactive pages feature tons of content found nowhere else in the program, plus each page requires students to show what they’ve learned.  Each week they’ll create a country map, write down essential facts about the nation, and complete drawings of native costumes according to specific guidelines as to what people in that nation wear.  They’ll also complete interactive pages on notable landmarks, remarkable natural places, or geographical wonders.  They’ll love filling in pages on cultural traditions, discovering Irish jigs, Russian tsars, or Spanish flan.  Pages profile rulers and humanitarians, best-loved foods or music, long-enjoyed games or holiday celebrations and so much more!

What is in the Children Around the World Activity Resources?

WinterPromise considers itself a curriculum that embraces the “Experience Approach,” offering Charlotte-Mason style learning opportunities with up-to-date materials that make the most of technology, too.  In Children Around the World  you’ll encounter a lot of our signature “Experiences" in the resources: Fun & Traditions, Cultural Planning Guide, and Working Children!

Here are just a sampling of the experiences your student can choose to make a part of their year:

  • Fun & Traditions:

    • This is no “make-a-model-of the-Leaning-Tower-of-Pisa-out-of-packing-noodles” resource!  No way!  The activities are practical and doable!  Activities include easy paper crafts, investigations online, designing cultural items, can-do hands-on projects, traditional crafts, holiday celebrations, tasty (and simple) recipes that aren’t too exotic to enjoy, specialized vocabulary to know about a culture, children’s games, creating simple cultural clothing items, musical experiences, toys from other places, and cultural art forms.  The fun is endless, and so are the ways you’ll get to know thirty countries around the globe!
  • Cultural Planning Guide:

    • This resource guides you in planning your weekly Cultural Gatherings with your family.  It gives you the information you need to pull together a fun family night or weekend get-together around the cultural studies you’ll complete this year.  Instructions are included for how to get what you need for each gathering, what to plan ahead, and what kinds of things you’ll need to do in advance.  This resource makes it easy to pull off the Gatherings with a minimum of planning!
  • Working Children:

    • Many of us are only slightly aware of the problems of child labor both here in the United States, but especially in developing countries.  Around the world there are children who are forced into lives of labor, made to complete jobs that adults are too big or too reluctant to do themselves.  Thousands of children in countries around the world work too many hours.  They are denied the opportunity to be children, and they cannot go to school.  This book will help you understand their lives, and allow you to see what you can do to help the problem of child labor.

      Chapters in Working Children

      • Introduction: One Easter Morning
      • Chapter 1: What is Child Labor?
      • Chapter 2: How a Country’s Development Affects Child Labor
      • Chapter 3: Industrialized Countries are Also a Part of the Problem
      • Chapter 4: Big Companies and Free Trade
      • Chapter 5: Why Kids Work
      • Chapter 6: Where is Child Labor Common?
      • Chapter 7: Children Working in Fields
      • Chapter 8: Children Working in Factories
      • Chapter 9: Children Working on Rugs
      • Chapter 10: Children Working in Mines
      • Chapter 11: Children Working in Homes
      • Chapter 12: Children Working on the Street
      • Chapter 13: Children Working as Soldiers
      • Chapter 14: Why Use Child Workers?
      • Chapter 15: The International Labor Organization’s Conventions
      • Chapter 16: The Convention on the Rights of the Child
      • Chapter 17: Effects of Labor on Children
      • Chapter 18: Dreams of Working Children
      • Conclusion: What You Can Do

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