LA6 Guide


The “Exploring Word Pictures” guide schedules enough material for a full school year.  This program pulls together several great resources.  This guide schedules: cursive handwriting practice, creative paragraph instruction and writing, parts of speech worksheets, punctuation, sentence structure and types, spelling activities and practice, vocabulary workbooks, reading, language activities, and language skills.  The guide offers weekly teaching notes, helps, and instructions on how-to-use the materials in this guide and so on.  The answer key for the LA 6 Student Worktext Set, Alien Spelling Word Attack!, and “First Contact” is included as part of this resource.

The power of expression is in good word choices! Students will focus on choosing the right words to express ideas when writing. This program includes language arts resources designed to help your student gain proficiency in spelling, continue with more advanced grammar study, learn to sharpen their writing skills, and continue vocabulary building.  It also includes a guidebook that offers creative suggestions to coordinate with your themed program.  Students will also continue practicing their cursive writing skills and vocabulary building.


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