Alien Spelling Attack


Puzzles and fun exercises will help students master spelling rules and rule-breakers.  As they complete exercises they defend against aliens trying to confuse words and hide broken rules.  This resource includes the answer for all the exercises.  This resource can be used with multiple students.  It is non-consumable as you don’t need to purchase another copy for a second student.

Concepts Alien Spelling Word Attack! Covers:

Battle 1: The Advance Sneak-E Guard – When to Add “e” & Remove “e” when adding “able”

Battle 2: Another Sneak-E Tactic – Which Word Endings Remove the Silent “e”

Battle 3: “The First In-Sidious In-Vaders” – Prefixes “in” & “im”

Battle 4: “A New Attack CONfues COMmand” – Prefixes “con” & “com”

Battle 5: “The Silent Letter Campain” – Don’t Forget the Silent Letters

Battle 6: “Capture of the Double-Consonants” – Difficult Words with Double-Consonants

Battle 7: “Double-Consonants Fight Back” – Continued Double-Consonant Practice

Battle 8: “A New Threat of Doom” – Different Spellings for the Long “u” Sound

Battle 9: “The PulverIZEr” – Word Endings “-ise” & “-ize”

Battle 10: “Final E-Limination” – Review of Spelling Directives from Previous Weeks

Battle 11: “The Nuisance Sequence” – Suffixes “-ance,” “-ence,” & “-ent”

Battle 12: “Universal Translator Breakdown” – Homonyms

Battle 13: “The Smartest Linguist” – Word Endings “ist” & “est”

Battle 14: “Artificial Intelligence” – Word Endings “cial” & “tial”

Battle 15: “The Clown-Faced Clones” – Letters That are Not Pronounced

Battle 16: “The Clown-Faced Clones Return” – Continued Practice of Letters That are Not Pronounced

Battle 17: “The Sabotage Barrage” – Suffixes “-ege” & “-age”

Battle 18: “The ION Field” – Word Endings “cian” & “sion”

Battle 19: “Ocean Invasion in Motion” – Continued Practice with Word Endings “cian” & “sion”

Battle 20: “Alien Mischief with I Before E” – Words that Follow or Break the I Before E Rule

Battle 21: “Heinous Surveillance” – Continued Practice of Last Week’s Topic

Battle 22: “The Weird Counterfeit” – Exceptions to Rule of Last Week’s Topic

Battle 23: “Senseless Violence” – “i.e.” & “ey” Words

Battle 24: “Emergency!” – Suffixes: “-ance,” “-ancy,” “-ant,” “-ence,” “-ency,” & “-ent”

Battle 25: “An Illegible Warning” – Suffixes: “-ible” & “-able”

Battle 26: “Under Phaser Fire” – Review of Difficult Suffixes

Battle 27: “Phasers on Super-Blast” – Prefixes: “intra,” “inter,” “ante,” “anti,” “hyper,” “hypo,” per,” “pre,” “circum,” “super,” & “trans”

Battle 28: “A New Phaser Setting” – Hyphenate Words

Battle 29: “Hazardous, Perilous & Dangerous!” – Adding “-ous”

Battle 30: “The Gas Planet” – Making Difficult Words Plural

Battle 31: “The Volcano Planet” – Making More Difficult & Different Words Plural

Battle 32: “Sucked Into a Parallel Universe” – Double “ll” Words

Battle 33: “Collaborator” – Words that End in “er,” “or,” & “ar”

Battle 34: “You Must Concede Defeat!” – Words That End in “sede” & “ceed”

Battle 35: “A Desperate Attempt” – Spelling Words Difficult Food Words

Battle 36: “Return to the Mother Ship” – Review of Spelling Directives & Final Test


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