Quest for the Middle Ages eReading Schedule

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Quest for the Middle Ages eReading Schedule

This resource has questions for the student to answer after every chapter for all the books scheduled in this set.  This set of grade-appropriate readers goes along with “Quest for the Middle Ages.”  March among knights and wander dirt roads with minstrels in these readers.  Students will read about important figures from the Reformation and sail with Vikings.  These readers are not available individually – they can only be purchased as a set. This reader set is scheduled in LA 4 “Solving the Mysteries of Grammar,” LA 5 “Digging Into Paragraphs,” and LA 6 “Exploring Word Pictures.”

List of Readers Scheduled in the Quest for the Middle Ages eReading Schedule

  • The Silver Branch
  • The Edge on the Sword
  • Medallion
  • The Puppeteer’s Apprentice
  • Adam of the Road
  • Spy for the Night Riders
  • Ten Boys Who Made a Difference
  • Red Hugh, Prince of Donegal
  • Crispin at the Edge of the World


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