Readers to Real Books Guide


The “Readers to Real Books” guide is enough material for a full school year.  This program pulls together several great resources as shown below.  This guide schedules: four highly interactive write-in readers, handwriting practice, spelling, phonics worksheets, grammar worksheets, creative composition, spelling activities and games, phonics activities and games, vocabulary, language activities, reading comprehension, and three interactive readers on parts of speech.

The guide offers an abundance of weekly teaching notes, helps, and instructions on how-to-use the materials in this guide and so on.  Each week creative composition ideas for early and later American history, world history, and cultures around the world.  Blank lined handwriting originals can be copied for student who need more practice than the handwriting scheduled using the “Silver Lake Handwriting Set.”  As weekly games are scheduled every week their instructions and other helpful lists and information is include.  Answers for the four write-in readers are also included as part of this guide.

Concepts “Readers to Real Books” Covers:

Week 1: Vowel “a”

Week 2: Vowel “e”

Week 3: Vowel “i”

Week 4: Vowel “o”

Week 5: Vowel “u”

Week 6: Word Endings “-ff,” “-zz,” “-ss,” “-ck,” “-ng,” & “-nk”

Week 7: Phonograms “ch,” “sh,” “th,” “wh,” “gh,”& “ph”

Week 8: Consonant “c” says “s” & “g” says “j”

Week 9: Phonogram “oo”

Week 10: Phonograms “oy” & “oi”

Week 11: Phonograms “ow” & “ou”

Week 12: Phonograms “ar” & “or”

Week 13: Phonogram “ur”

Week 14: Phonogram “are,” “air,” “err,” “ear,” “eir,” & “ear”

Week 15: Word Endings “ough” & “augh”

Week 16: Phonograms “aw” & “au”

Week 17: Silent Letters

Week 18: Phonics “ey,” “y,” “ie,” “eigh,” & “ei”

Week 19: Word Endings “sure,” “ture,” & “zure”

Week 20: Suffixes “er,” “est,” “ed,” & “ing”

Week 21: Word Endings & Syllables “ful,” “less,” “ly,” “age,” “ance,” “able,” & “ness”

Week 22: Word Endings & Syllables “ing,” “ful,” & “ly”

Week 23: Suffixes & Plurals “ion,” “tion,” “sion,” “en,” “ive,” “ity,” “some,” & “es”

Week 24: Plurals & Unusual Plurals “s,” “es,” & “ves”

Week 25: Phonograms, Plurals, & Unusual Plurals “ew,” “ue,” “ies,” “ves,” & “es”

Week 26: Prefixes

Week 27: Plurals & Syllables

Week 28: Syllables

Week 29: Syllables

Week 30: Prefixes & Syllables “ex,” “en,” “dis,” “non,” & “de”

Week 31: Plurals & Unusual Plurals

Week 32: Phonics “ci,” “si,” & “ti”

Week 33: Apostrophes for Possession & Contractions

Week 34: Synonyms, Antonyms, & Apostrophes

Week 35: Homonyms, Synonyms, & Antonyms

Week 36: Homonyms, Synonyms, Antonyms, Plurals, Prefixes, Suffixes, & Dividing Syllables


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