Laughter at the Lodge


This student book, “Laughter at the Lodge,” is the last student book scheduled in our language arts program, “Readers to Real Books.”  This wonderful resource includes stories to read, spelling practice, grammar pages, language skills, phonics pages, vocabulary, and reading comprehension.  This student book has around 230 pages of interactive worksheets and reading and is printed in FULL COLOR.

This student book continues the story line begun in “Syllables to Sentences” and continued in “Paragraphs to Pages” and “Stories to Short Chapters” language arts.  Acorn and his friends continue to have fun adventures in a forest where adventures happen all the time!  In this write-in reader the critters are terrorized by three skunks, two new critters wander into Pine Hollow, and a hawk chases after Sir Finch.  Your student will enjoy reading these stories and may even ask to read ahead, as they are left wondering what will happen next!

Concepts This Student Book Covers:

Week 28: Syllables

Week 29: Syllables

Week 30: Prefixes & Syllables “ex,” “en,” “dis,” “non,” & “de”

Week 31: Plurals & Unusual Plurals

Week 32: Phonics “ci,” “si,” & “ti”

Week 33: Apostrophes for Possession & Contractions

Week 34: Synonyms, Antonyms, & Apostrophes

Week 35: Homonyms, Synonyms, & Antonyms

Week 36: Homonyms, Synonyms, Antonyms, Plurals, Prefixes, Suffixes, & Dividing Syllables


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