You will dive into the world of dinosaurs and simple machines in this incredible program. Learn about the days of creation, the different kinds of simple machines, and all about the ancient creatures we call dinosaurs. In the journaling pages and throughout the program you will investigate the fossils of dinosaurs, go on “digs”, and even become a paleontologist and discover what kind of dinosaur you are looking at! Younger students will love the interactive journaling pages as well as the hands-on learning. Older students will love all of that plus the in-depth study of fossils and how paleontologists work! 2-day weeks are scheduled for a full 36-week program.

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Dinosaur Days

What’s in the Dino Days Guide?

Dinosaur Days is a fun science program designed just for young learners.  It is meant for grades 2 to 6, but many of the resources are filled with wonder, allowing children as young as five to follow along and enjoy listening, learning, and participating in the activities!

The resources this guide coordinates allow students to spend a year exploring the Days of Creation, simple machines, dinosaurs, fossils, and studying these remains.  Easy-to-complete activities are scheduled, but in addition, your student will work through the extensive “Dinosaur Days of Long Ago Notebook.”  This fantastic resource teaches kids all about the Creation days, and then works through species of dinosaurs one by one, and takes kids inside the world of fossils and collecting specimens.  They’ll enjoy a lot of nature journaling, just as Charlotte Mason advocated.

Plus, students will really enjoy the fun learning add-ons available in ebook:  the Dino and Me Photo Shoot, the Dino Scenes and Book, the Dinosaur Mini-Poster Pack, and the Where They Walked Geo Pack.  Students who love dinosaurs will have a lot of exciting hands-on things to do with this awesome program!

What will you study in the Dino Days Journal?

Kids will love this huge, full color, notebook and so will you!  The notebook begins by teaching through the Creation Days, then the features pages on the six simple machines.  Each topic features more content, notebooking pages, and hands-on activities or experiments.  The next sections work through different species of dinosaurs one by one.  Along the way, students will read about dinosaurs and fossils as they complete pages on dinosaur profiles, their habits and hunting styles, unusual characteristics, hunting for fossils, and paleontology.  Kids will just really enjoy this fantastic 200+ page notebook!

A Sampling of the Learning Experiences You’ll Love in This Notebook

  • See How Light Behaves!
  • How Sky Color is Related to Weather
  • Study Crater Impacts
  • Measure Time with Water Like the Ancients
  • Watching Friction Happen
  • Everyday Inclined Planes
  • You are the Paleontologist!  Identify Specimens Pulled from the Ground
  • Make a Fossil Tooth
  • Smaller and Taller Sauropods
  • Plated Dinosaurs
  • Stegosaurus Defense
  • Ankylosaurs, the Tank Dinosaurs
  • Head-Turning Hadrosaurs
  • Peculiar Pachycephalosaurs
  • Swanky Ceratopsians
  • Comparing Centrosurinae & Ceratopsinae
  • Deadly Deinonychosaurs
  • Savage Spinosauroids
  • Carnosaurs with Claws
  • Evaluating an Acrocanthosaurus Attack
  • Carnosaurs with a Craving
  • Stalking Tyrannosauroids
  • You Are the Paleontologist!  Investigating Tarbosaurus
  • A Bite from a Tyrannosauroid
  • You Are the Paleontologist!  Skull of a Tyrannosaurus Rex
  • Growing Up a Dinosaur
  • You Are the Paleontologist!  Investigating Dinosaur Nests
  • Living a Dinosaur Life
  • You Are the Paleontologist!  Interpreting Dinosaur Behavior
  • What Do We Find Fossilized?
  • The Right Conditions for Form Fossils
  • Making Model Fossils
  • Different Ecological Zones Before the Flood
  • Evolutionists & Flood Geologists:  Looking at Things Differently
  • The Grand Canyon Story
  • Invertebrate Wonders
  • The Archaeopteryx Question
  • Mammal Mishaps for Evolutionists
  • Tag a Dinosaur!
  • You Are the Paleontologist!  Type I and Type II Fossils
  • Time to Dig!
  • Field Report on Sue the T-Rex
  • You Are the Palentologist!  Time for Fossil Cleaning
  • Mounting a Dinosaur
  • Field Report on Stan’s Brain
  • Was Stan a Scavenger or a Predator?

Dinosaurs for Kids:

Peek inside a dinosaur egg, discover what dinosaurs really ate, and learn how dinosaur tracks are made – all in this awesomely-illustrated book! Dinosaurs for Kids shares the unique world of dinosaurs and their true history like never before as you meet the most unusual creatures to ever walk the earth, stalk the seas, or soar across the sky! You’ll discover how dinosaur bonebeds are made, and other kinds of fossils beyond just bones!

The Fossil Books:

It’s the exciting story of fossils: How were they formed? Where are they found? How old are they? How are they extracted? This one-of-a-kind book explains how coal and oil are formed, how the Grand Canyon was created, how to interpret the geological column from a creationist perspective, and how to identify various fossils. It refutes the horse and the whale evolutionary models, explains the four Cs of Biblical creation, and compares this model with evolution’s model of time, chance, struggle, and death.

Dinosaurs: Marvels of God's Design:

This book fills a critical need for sound science about dinosaurs from a biblical viewpoint, focusing on the five major dinosaur groups. Dinosaurs are in the news every day, as well as viewed in museums and on science channels. Unfortunately, these portrayals always push an evolutionary agenda. This book counters those arguments with solid, accurate, and biblically-based science:

  • Explains the latest findings in dinosaur biology, behavior, extinction, and more
  • Covers the complete spectrum of dinosaur-related topics, from the earliest dinosaur discoveries to debate over why they went extinct
  • Provides a visually stunning, dynamic exploration into the history of dinosaurs through the most current discoveries few have seen before!

Because of secular books and television shows, many Christians have struggled to explain how dinosaurs fit in the biblical timeline. The word “dinosaur” is not found in the Bible, which has caused some well-meaning Christians to turn to secular science for explanations, including more speculation than actual fact. Unfortunately, this misdirection has caused many people to lose faith in the Bible, especially the young generation. This book will restore faith in the Word of God as it connects the Bible with science. Read and discover how dinosaurs are part of God’s creative glory!

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