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Experience a One-of-a-Kind Journey — Live the American Story!

Introducing the all-new American Story – now featuring a full-color premium journal of more than 600 interactive pages! Your family will eagerly dive into studies of Colonial America, the Revolution & Westward Expansion. Your family will crowd around each story – one that shares tales of heroes, villains & the amazing people in our country’s past. The learning doesn’t stop there! See your family delve into activity resources, where they will assemble a colonial village, construct flip-and-fold maps, play traditional games, try out period recipes, explore virtual tours of early American places, and make fun hands-on projects like coonskin caps or Lewis and Clark’s keelboat.

Join us this year on a memory-making adventure through early American history.

**PLEASE NOTE: The final part of the reading text and the 3rd part of the student journal is in the final stages of development and therefore will be sent out in early May.**

Interested to see what our program looks like? Below are samples of some of the highlighted resources in this program!

To see samples of the teacher’s guide click here!

To see an extensive sample of our amazing journaling resource click on the links here! PART 1 PART 2 PART 3 PART 4 PART 5

To see samples of the “Live the American Story” activity resource click here!

To see samples of the “Build the American Story” resource click here!


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