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Reviewer Focus: Lisa Keva

This is another one of our “Reviewer Focus” posts. We want to know more about our reviewers and their experiences with WinterPromise! Enjoy! Hello Lisa! Tell us about you and your family? Where are you from etc! We are a family of 6.  Our blessings range in age from 4-15.  We’ve been homeschooling for 11 […]

WP Experiences are “Soul Windows”

Back before WinterPromise was born, back when my kids were younger, and WinterPromise was just our own family lifestyle, not a curriculum, we discovered that our family experiences provided windows into the souls of our kids.   That each of the things we did together, enjoyed together was an opportunity to see inside them. A prime […]

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Just What is WinterPromise’s Experience Approach?

Just What Does WinterPromise Mean When They Say They Offer the “Experience Approach”?  What is the “Experience Approach”? Unlike other curriculums that focus largely on literature, or workbook pages, or textbooks, or even highly involved activities, WinterPromise is just brimming with all kinds of experiences:  learning experiences, real-life experiences, and so much more.  Kids can […]


Examples of WinterPromise Experience Approach “Experiences”

Just what does WinterPromise mean when they say they offer the “Experience Approach”?  By that we mean that WinterPromise is just brimming with experiences:  learning experiences, real-life experiences, and more.  What are examples of these kinds of experiences?  Here’s a sampling to show you what we mean: Learning Experiences: Creating a 3-D Lewis & Clark […]