Would it truly be possible to find NINE different homeschooling approaches in ONE curriculum? At Winter Promise, we believe it is possible! Let us share how…

many methods


Winter Promise truly takes the best of all of the homeschooling world and brings it together! Here are the different approaches you will find inside Winter Promise products:

  1. Charlotte Mason ~ joyful learning, journaling, making family memories while learning
  2. Literature Based ~ fantastic living book choices in each program
  3. Hands-On ~ lots & lots of “open and go” activities /projects
  4. Classical ~ history themes that can repeat, with new facets each time
  5. Notebooking/Lapbooking ~ exclusive timeline, note booking, and journaling pages
  6. Unit Studies ~ unified themes and cross-curricular Language Arts programs to reinforce topics
  7. Ebooks ~ digital options for guides, books, and resources allow you to use tablets and laptops for school
  8. Multimedia ~ Internet linked guides, DVD suggestions
  9. Workbooks ~ easy to use workbook options for Language Arts or Math




Happy Monday, friends!

This week we have a Language Arts freebie for you!!

LA 3 Mini-Study Cover


This is a portion of our 3rd grade Language Arts program for you to try out!

WinterPromise LA 3 Mini-Study on Verbs {click here to download the freebie PDF}

The whole year of 3rd grade Language Arts is entitled Tracking Down Good Grammar. Your child will learn about the 8 basic parts of speech with Scout, the WP dog, as seen on the cover above.

About the Grade 3 LA:

This program fully grounds the student in grammar instruction as students learn parts of speech and basic mechanics such as capitalization, sentence structure and types, and more. A rollicking-good time will be had with the workbook set, guided by the endearing dog, Scout, whose adventures are sure to have kids learning and laughing. Students continue to improve their reading skills, reading suggested books that range in length from 65 to 250 pages, but which have a consistent reading level achievable for this age. Students are expected to read about a chapter a day.

About the ebooks:

You’ll love the functionality and flexibility of our ebook language arts programs for grades 3-6. Each program is an ebook collection that includes a Guide and most of your language arts resources. These ebook collections are specially formatted to make them easy to view on a tablet or laptop, or print from your home printer and use. The language arts worktexts, for instance, can be printed as worksheets at home or in WP’s booklet format at Staples.

Best of all, your ebook purchase allows you to print as many copies of consumables as you need for your family. Printing consumables can really help you save on most language arts programs, as so many include several consumables.

Another change this year is that we are no longer selling readers as part of our 3rd-6th LA programs. With the advent of personal reading devices, tablets, smartphones, and laptops, more and more of these books are available in a less-expensive ebook format. Reader sets are still available as special order items, but we believe this offers flexibility to parents to choose to buy ebooks, or borrow books from a friend or library to reduce their homeschool costs. Instead, we are including eReading Schedules that schedule books and provide discussion questions.


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