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Whole-Child | Whole-Family

Whole-Child Education should not be one-size-fits-all nor should education be simply the accumulation of knowledge. Education should be tailored for the growth of the whole child with an understanding of the diversity of gifts and abilities our children possess! Educate with the Multiple Intelligences in Mind As a parent you understand your student in a […]

Charlotte Mason Inspired

I’ve often been asked, “What exactly do you mean by Charlotte Mason Inspired?” I utterly love this question! There is so much to Charlotte Mason one could write a book on just one aspect of her education — actually, people have! Charlotte Mason knew that education was not just merely learning things but was so […]


I remember when I first met Charlotte Mason… Okay, not really “met,” but got to know.  I was immediately struck by Charlotte’s intuitive understanding of children and how to educate and train them.  I was also hugely impressed by how counter-culture Charlotte’s ways are in today’s world. If you haven’t gotten to know Charlotte Mason […]

Meet Charlotte Mason & Her View of Education!

Who is Charlotte Mason and what are the basics of her education? Charlotte Mason was a British educator, who, in the late-nineteenth century, published books on education that were both down-to-earth and practical. Her book, “Home Education,” was innovative and influential to other educators of the time. She fostered the idea that children could be […]

It’s Shark Week!

You know what week it is right now? That’s right, SHARK WEEK! So many families around the country become enthralled with the Discovery channel’s most popular week. Deep sea dives, shark cages and feeding, chasing sharks, and making new discoveries! Did you know you can take the excitement of shark week into your living room […]

Joy in Adventuring Outdoors

As we wrap up our series on outdoor learning, I want to take a step back. We discussed why you should integrate the outdoors into your learning. Then, we went on to discuss the right attitude to ensure you are successful. In the last post we got into the dirt and talked about some specific […]

Ways to Use the Outdoors in Your Homeschooling Experiences

We have been talking extensively about integrating the outdoors into your family’s homeschool adventures! Last time we explored the importance of making memories through exploring and discovering outdoors. We also focused on the best way to use the outdoors in your adventure is to do it is what YOU and your family can do and […]