Hoot & Chirp, Buzz & Bite Guide

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“Hoot & Chirp, Buzz & Bite” is a fun science program designed just for young learners.  It is designed for grades 1 to 4, but many of the resources are filled with wonder, allowing children as young as five to follow along and enjoy listening, learning, and participating in the activities!

The resources this guide coordinates allow students to explore birds that sing, hunt, and swoop, and go up-close to examine insects and plant life.  They will observe birds and bugs, and also learn how plants thrive and survive around the globe.  The resources in this program feature fantastic drawings, photos, and illustrations that allow students to really see what they are studying, and learn by both observation and simple experiments.  They’ll enjoy a lot of nature journaling, just as Charlotte Mason advocated.

You’ll love this guide, which also features student workpages and teacher materials from the teacher book that normally accompanies the book, “The World of Plants,” pages which we were granted permission by the publisher to print.  This saves you the cost of purchasing this additional book, and allows you to print as many as you need for your students.   These materials include student worksheets originals, answers for discussion questions presented in each lesson, quizzes and tests originals, and an answer key. The guide is incredibly easy to follow, and includes information on the supplies needed for each experiment or activity.


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