Make-Your-Own World Travels Diary


This “Make-Your-Own” resource will help students create their own travel diary with interactive pages that feature maps, native costumes, landmarks, and more. Included are full-color photos of landmarks to cut and paste into some pages.

Learning Experiences You’ll Enjoy in This Resource

Interactive pages feature tons of content found nowhere else in the program, plus each page requires students to show what they’ve learned.  Each week they’ll create a country map, write down essential facts about the nation, and complete drawings of native costumes according to specific guidelines as to what people in that nation wear.  They’ll also complete interactive pages on notable landmarks, remarkable natural places, or geographical wonders.  They’ll love filling in pages on cultural traditions, discovering Irish jigs, Russian tsars, or Spanish flan.  Pages profile rulers and humanitarians, best-loved foods or music, long-enjoyed games or holiday celebrations and so much more!