Working Children


Many of us are only slightly aware of the problems of child labor both here in the United States, but especially in developing countries.  Around the world there are children who are forced into lives of labor, made to complete jobs that adults are too big or too reluctant to do themselves.  Thousands of children in countries around the world work too many hours.  They are denied the opportunity to be children, and they cannot go to school.  This book will help you understand their lives, and allow you to see what you can do to help the problem of child labor.

Chapters in “Working Children”

  • Introduction: One Easter Morning
  • Chapter 1: What is Child Labor?
  • Chapter 2: How a Country’s Development Affects Child Labor
  • Chapter 3: Industrialized Countries are Also a Part of the Problem
  • Chapter 4: Big Companies and Free Trade
  • Chapter 5: Why Kids Work
  • Chapter 6: Where is Child Labor Common?
  • Chapter 7: Children Working in Fields
  • Chapter 8: Children Working in Factories
  • Chapter 9: Children Working on Rugs
  • Chapter 10: Children Working in Mines
  • Chapter 11: Children Working in Homes
  • Chapter 12: Children Working on the Street
  • Chapter 13: Children Working as Soldiers
  • Chapter 14: Why Use Child Workers?
  • Chapter 15: The International Labor Organization’s Conventions
  • Chapter 16: The Convention on the Rights of the Child
  • Chapter 17: Effects of Labor on Children
  • Chapter 18: Dreams of Working Children
  • Conclusion: What You Can Do