Fun & Traditions from Many Lands


From making English “crackers,” to celebration a Swiss Sinterklass Avond, or playing the French game of Escargot or making a Kenyan Galimoto — the fun never ends with this activity book.  Specially designed to accent the other resources in “Children Around the World,” this resource offers simple cultural activities that you’ll actually follow through and do.  There are 253 fantastic activities that will add to your journey this year!

The book is divided into sections:  “Discovering Europe,” “New American Traditions,” “The Colorful Culture of Africa,” “The Exotic East,” and “The Easy-Going Life of the Pacific.”  Each section is divided into regions, and then into countries.  Each country features fun and interactive cultural experiences that educate children as to a country’s traditions, priorities, natural resources, and much more!

Learning Experiences You’ll Enjoy in This Resource

This is no “make-a-model-of the-Leaning-Tower-of-Pisa-out-of-packing-noodles” resource!  No way!  The activities are practical and doable!  Activities include easy paper crafts, investigations online, designing cultural items, can-do hands-on projects, traditional crafts, holiday celebrations, tasty (and simple) recipes that aren’t too exotic to enjoy, specialized vocabulary to know about a culture, children’s games, creating simple cultural clothing items, musical experiences, toys from other places, and cultural art forms.  The fun is endless, and so are the ways you’ll get to know thirty countries around the globe!