Prayer and Personal Journal


This journal will help students to understand the types of things children don’t have around the world.  They’ll discover how children do without adequate food, clean water, appropriate clothing, medical and dental care, or even immunizations.  Your family will discover how many children don’t have safe places to sleep, live in war zones, or live on the streets without parents or homes.  And, they’ll also hear stories of people around the world who need Christ, and how Christians are reaching out to them.  Discover organizations that are helping children to live better lives and hear about Christ, and find out how your family can pray and help, even now.

Learning Experiences You’ll Enjoy in This Resource

This resource includes information as to what kinds of challenges children around the world face, and makes kids aware of what they do to make their way in the world.  In between are sprinkled stories of actual children around the world who’ve overcome difficult circumstances or who are trying to build a life for themselves.  This journal also includes interactive pages for kids to journal about what they are learning, and active service ideas, including prayer charts.  The resource is designed to move your children, and change their hearts.

This book should be challenging to your family, helping you to discover just how much you take for granted, and how much you have to be thankful for.  It should affect your children in deep and wonderful ways, allowing them to look into the needs of others and develop a heart of service for those in need.


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