Saddle Up to Learn More About Horses!

Do you have a student that enjoys horses? Whether or not your family own horses, has been horseback riding, or has never seen a horse up close this program is perfect for any student interested in them!

The greatest part about this program is that it doesn’t require you to have any previous equine knowledge or own a horse! And for the families who do own horses or are around them frequently, your students will love practicing and observing what they’ve learned with the horses they get to see outside of the program!

Our Equine Science Program goes through three major sections about horses. Our program will explain the behavior of horses, how horses need to be cared for, and how they move!

When learning about their behavior you will learn about common behaviors, behaviors to watch for if you want to know how they are feeling, and how to understand how they think better that way you can handle them correctly. You will also learn all about the different breeds of horses and what they are commonly used for and how their breed can affect their behavior!

When learning about how to care for them you’ll learn about what they eat, how much a stable can cost, how often you need to clean their stable,

and even how you should braid their mane or tails. In addition to the work it requires to care for them you’ll also learn all about what to do if they are sick, hurt, and what you need to check for to make sure you know when they are hurt or sick.

Finally when learning about how they move you will study their bones, muscles, and body to better understand their movements! You’ll also learn the different phases of their walks and what a proper walk should look like!

In addition to all this you will learn about the great connection that humans and horses can have as well and their impact on history! Our program also gives some tips to use with your own horses or insight on how you can own your own horse!

If you’re ready to learn about horses, make sure you grab your riding gear and head on over to our Equine Science page where you can get the materials to start the program yourself!

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