Get ready to learn about America from the Native Americans to it’s growth as a nation! With the choice between an older (4th – 7th) or younger (1st – 3rd) full color journaling resource your student will enjoy the activities in each that are tailored to their age for the best learning opportunity! Easily make memories with more than one student, even of different ages. With it’s own science resource, your learner can even learning about electricity with Benjamin Franklin!

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American Story 1

What’s in the American Story 1 Guide?

Your American Story 1 guide will come alongside you to help you keep your school days organized.  It is designed to be easy to follow, with each week’s assignments laid out on just one page!  The introduction to the guide offers you oodles of teaching helps that may feel like Charlotte Mason just “friended” you — like advice she’d give you on how to grade student work!  It’s all here!

  • A 36-week, 4-day schedule is laid out clearly in a grid-style on just one page
  • Introductory material helps you mentor and “learn together” with your student
  • Supply lists and other helps make planning quick and painless
  • Narration ideas in the front of the guide help you prompt your student through the year
  • Weekly schedule page reduces your paperwork and is easy to follow, with clear notes
  • Resources offer a focus on activities that are “Open & Go!”
  • Ratings systems for activities help you find the ones you want!
  • Independent study schedules for older students eliminate writing out homework lists
  • 100 Timeline Cards and games provide fun drill to retain key events
  • Website and DVD suggestions take your family back to early American times
  • Above all, WP offers a practical, “Can-Do-and-Want-To-Do!” approach
  • Additional library Suggestions
  • Multiple age level Adventure Reading scheduled

What is in the American Story 1 Living Texts Part 1 & 2?

Detailed & Historically Accurate Illustrations – Each illustration in this book is carefully researched so your family will see how early Americans wore and what they created.

  • Native American Indians – each tribe represented in their clothing
  • Native American Houses – different regional Native American homes shown like wigwams, tepees, longhouses, and others
  • Revolutionary War Uniforms – Minutemen, Rangers, British soldiers, Hessian soldiers, and more a shown wearing their own uniform.
  • Lewis & Clark’s Keel Boat – see the ship that rode the Missouri River.
  • Colonial Printing Press – see what a colonial printer would have used to print newspaper and other pamphlets

Full Color Two-Page Spreads – as you read this book together as a family you’ll feel like you’re inside a Dorling Kinderley book.  You’ll visit places like Valley Forge, the Boston Massacre, at camp with Lewis and Clark, who fought for who during the French & Indian War, and many more!

“Go Inside” Illustrations – look inside a Native American tepee, an early colonial submarine, colonial courthouse, French & Indian War fort, a log cabin, and more!

Large In-Depth Maps – as you learn about the discovery of this new continent, colonial trade, and expanding west maps are essential!  We’ve provided many maps to help your student understand the movement of early American history.  Here is a list of a few:

  • 13 Colonies Map
  • Moccasin Map (this map shows the different moccasins worn in each region)
  • Triangle Trade Map
  • Paul Revere’s Ride
  • Lewis & Clark’s Expedition West Map


You’ll study the history of America in stories of explorers, colonists, revolutionists, and frontiersmen.  You’ll discover the amazing trades and crafts in colonial towns, heroes that fought in the Revolutionary War, smart presidents who led our country in its first years as a nation, and the pioneers and forty-niners that pushed into the West!

Discoverers & Explorers

  • Native Americans
  • The Sea-Going Vikings
  • Explorers Discover America
  • Spanish Conquest
  • Explorers Map the Americas
  • Explorers Brave the East Coast

Colonists in Colonial America

  • First American Colonies
  • Establishing Colonies
  • Colonial Health and Faith
  • Everyday Life for Colonists
  • Colonial Clothing & Pastimes
  • Colonial Craftsmanship
  • Slaves Come to the Colonies


  • The French & Indian War
  • The English Anger the Colonists
  • Revolutionaries Want Independence
  • The Revolutionary War
  • Revolutionary Spy craft
  • Americans Win the War!

Founding Fathers, New Americans

  • Coming Together as a Country
  • Framers of the Constitution
  • First Presidents

Corps of Discovery

  • Lewis & Clark’s Great Journey
  • Going Along the Missouri River
  • Lewis & Clark Head for the Ocean
  • Lewis & Clark Make It Home

Western Settlers

  • Life of a Pioneer
  • At Work in the West
  • The Frontiersmen, or Furs, Forts & Sports
  • Wagons Go West
  • Cowboys, Cavalry & Cattlemen
  • “Forty-Niners” Rush for Gold

People in Changing Times

  • Native Americans Lose Their Lands
  • Ingenious Americans
  • Railroad Men & Canal-Builders
  • Pony Express Gallops West!
  • Lives of Slaves & Abolitionists

What is in the American Story 1 Journals?

Your student will love to delve into these colorful, interactive journals.  At well over 200 full color pages per journal, they features pages to fill in, cut out, or even flip and fold!  These resource are divided by week, and offers pages related to the history, culture, science, industry, trades, and geography of early America.
This programs journals are split up into two age groups! Older and Younger! Each journal contains the same core journaling pages as well as journaling pages that fit their age group! Don't worry these extra pages are still scheduled in the guide!

Here are some highlights of these journal!

  • Make “Flip & Fold” Maps of the Early American Explorers
  • Assemble a Native American Longhouse
  • Play a colonial board game, called the Game of the Goose (Played by George Washington and Thomas Jefferson!)
  • Decode message from the Culper Spy Ring
  • Make a Birchbark Canoe
  • Interactive Worksheets on Colonial Trades
  • Science Experiments

What is in the American Story 1 Activity Resources?

WinterPromise considers itself a curriculum that embraces the “Experience Approach,” offering Charlotte-Mason style learning opportunities with up-to-date materials that make the most of technology, too.  In American Story 1 you’ll encounter a lot of our signature “Experiences" in the resources: Live the American Story, Build the American Story, Early American Painters, Early American Nature Study, and more!

Here are just a sampling of the experiences your student can choose to make a part of their year:

  • Delve into American tribes by region and discover their histories and traditions
  • Try a Native American Friendship Dance or Make Apache Playing Cards
  • Complete science experiments linked to your weekly study
  • Read Viking runes and sketch some yourself
  • Make a Viking Home, Native American Teepee & Longhouse, and boat used by Lewis & Clark
  • Go inside the homes and workplaces of colonial people
  • Build colonial shops and other buildings like a church and merchant shop
  • Visit the landscape of places like the California coast or the Mississippi River or Great Plains
  • See for Yourself What the Mayflower or Frontier Log Cabins Were Like
  • Visit the Jamestown Fort or Tour Plymouth Plantation
  • Study Benjamin Franklin’s life and discoveries with online websites and integrated science experiments
  • Follow heroes like Paul Revere or Lewis & Clark on maps of their adventures
  • Look at Early American Icons like the Liberty Bell, Mount Vernon, and Independence Hall
  • Try Out Colonial Occupations or Pioneer Recipes
  • Send Secret Revolutionary Messages, Name the Three Sisters, and Try Finger Spinning
  • Travel to America, Move Across the Plains, and Follow Pioneer Trails

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