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We are thrilled that you decided to stop by and learn more about WinterPromise! We believe that WinterPromise brings together the best of ALL your favorite homeschooling approaches! We have wonderful living book lists, repeating history cycles, lots of hands-on projects with each theme, fun science programs with lots of activities and interesting fact learning, interactive journaling & notebooking, and the experience approach which will allow you to make lots of memories with your children!

These samples will give you just a taste of what WinterPromise offers. You can take a trip to Ancient Rome with a Hideaways study for young learners. You can see a piece of one of our most loved themes Children Around the World, and others.

Here Are All the Free Studies We Are Offering Right Now:

Have you ever wanted to remember the “firsts” of your child’s discovery outdoors? Do you want to be able to record with your child the first frost on the ground of the year? Do you want to record things like your first walk in spring or the first time you see a squirrel collecting nuts?

With this new WinterPromise resource you will be able to record all the memories you share with your child as they discover everything they can about nature! Inside this resource you will be able to record anything and everything you can when discovering nature with your child! There is always something new to discover and with this WinterPromise resource you can treasure every moment with them while having a way to track and record it!

This calendar resource from WinterPromise will provide you with a “no-prep” way of enriching your child’s education while creating a keepsake for you to enjoy for years to come! Download this resource!

Calendar Of Firsts Download


Hideaways in History EXPERIENCE CoverRome Mini-Study for Young Learners

Taken from “Hideaways in History”

Try this week-long mini-study, which includes four lessons:

Roman Beginnings

The Roman Empire

Life in Ancient Rome


The study also includes notebooking, fun activities from “On-the-Spot” History Fun, and a homemade Hideaway to make yourself!  You’ll also enjoy trying our Bible resource, Hiding God’s Word in My Heart, and other great suggestions!

Rome Mini-Study from Hideaways

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Animal_Worlds_EXPERIENCE_Sample_CoverExperience a Week in the Woods

Taken from “Animals and Their Worlds”

Try this week-long mini-study, which includes these lessons:


Types of Forests

Autumn in the Forest

Take a Look at Porcupines

The study also includes nature journaling for two age groups, taken from our large notebooks, Habitats, Hollows & Homes for Grades 1-4, and Burrows, Beehives, and Beds for Grades Pre-K to K.   You’ll also encounter fun nature alphabet activities for younger learners, while older learners will enjoy the websites, discovering more about trees, and other great suggestions, like making an ice cream porcupine!

Woods Mini-Study from Animal Worlds

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Free_Sample_COVER_Great_Britain_Study_2013Travel to Great Britain for a Week!

Taken from “Children Around the World”

Try this week-long mini-study, which is over 100 pages long(!), and includes these lessons:

Can This Be Real?

A Royal History

A Trip to London

The English People

The study fantastic notebooking in a student Travel Diary, where students encounter pages on national costumes, maps, flags, cultural traditions, landmarks, holidays, recipes, and pastimes in Britain.   Students will love helping out with the highlight of the week, the Cultural Gathering, an English Tea, or will love trying activities from our resource, Fun and Traditions of Many Lands — activities like making English Crackers or creating Stonehenge.  Along the way, students will also read an included picture book on Britain, complete a British doodle placemat, and make a native costume stand-up, plus complete mapping & more!

Great Britain Study from Children Around the World – Pt 1 (68 Pages Available)

Great Britain Study from Children Around the World – Pt 2 (Email: michaelforwinterpromise@gmail.com for sample)

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American_Culture_EXPERIENCE_Sample_CoverStudy on John F. Kennedy

Taken from “American Culture”

Try this week-long mini-study, which includes four lessons:

Life of John F. Kennedy

JFK in History:  The Cold War & The Cuban Missile Crisis

A President’s Day

President Kennedy’s Schedule for a Day in 1962

The study also includes notebooking, including a “magazine” page on the Cuban Missile Crisis, and a presidential profile page on President Kennedy.  You can also try out fun challenges from America Can Do It!, like being a flying saucer entrepreneur or a futuristic thinker!  You’ll also enjoy trying our Later American Painters resource, and checking out the JFK Library and Museum online with interactive exhibits and more!  It’s a great study that will help you get the idea of just what American Culture is all about!

John F. Kennedy Study from American Culture

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