Exploring Great Writing


These lessons will increase a junior high student’s ability to write several types of genre.  These include process writing, informational essays, personal narratives, fictional narratives, and persuasive writing.  Junior high students using LA 7 “Mastering the Writing Process” program will master the writing process using “Exploring Great Genre Writing” as a guide, then demonstrate what they learn in five different written reports.

They begin by learning to understand the Writing Process.  By understanding the basic steps of the writing process — selecting a topic, pre-writing and outlining, research and note-taking, creating a first draft, revising, editing, and publishing a final draft — they will develop key writing skills for mostly non-fictional paper writing.  Once students understand the basics of the Writing Process, they will start practicing those skills by producing actual papers.  Each of the five papers they will complete is a different genre of paper.


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