LA3 Guide


The “Tracking Down Good Grammar” guide schedules enough material for a full school year.  This program pulls together several great resources.  This guide schedules: guided handwriting practice, creative writing, parts of speech worksheets, punctuation, sentence structure and types, spelling activities and practice, vocabulary workbooks, language activities, and language skills.  The guide offers an abundance of weekly teaching notes, helps, and instructions on how-to-use the materials in this guide and so on.  The answer key for the LA 3 Student Worktext Set is included as part of this guide.

A rollicking-good time will be had with the LA 3 Student Worktext Set, guided by the endearing dog, Scout, whose adventures are sure to have kids learning and laughing.  Students start out practicing print handwriting and move along into cursive practice.  The script is a traditional cursive script and is included in the LA 3 Student Worktext Set.  Creative writing topics coordinate with the topics taken from the student’s themed program for a truly cross-curricular experience.  Students continue to improve their reading skills, reading suggested books that range in length from 65 to 250 pages, but which have a consistent reading level achievable for this age.  Students are expected to read about a chapter a day.


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